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What are companies using it for?

  • Business to Business Marketing
  • Sales Prospecting
  • Sales Territory Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Researching Support Companies
  • Raw Material Suppliers

What do you get?

  • Company Name        
  • Website
  • Company Address    
  • Contact Names and Titles
  • Company Phone Number 
  • Zip Codes
  • Industry/Service Provided 
  • Year they were founded
  • Corporate Location         
  • Employee Size
  • Number of Worldwide Locations  
  • SIC Code(when available)
  • Locations in the Southwest 
  • Comment section on Excel Spreadsheet

2018 Master Manufacturing E-Directory (1,850 companies)       $50.00

Looking for someone? 

Additional Manufacturing Professionals E-Directories
(Includes: First Name, Last Name, Current or last know company worked for, Current or last know position held, Current of last know location, phone number, Email Address, Industry in,) (All information is subject to availability and is only as current as possible since people change positions, contact information as well as companies frequently).
No refunds available on any E-Directories.

Title of E-Directory                                                                            Price

2018 Master Manufacturing Professionals (5,700 people)                  $50.00

No refunds available on any E-Directories.            

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