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JCR & Associates represents the “Very Best” Talent available in the marketplace.  Our objective is to help companies continue to grow their businesses.  To do this, JCR & Associates will be sending out “Talent Candidate Notices” of candidates represented by us who have been recognized for their value with their current or previous employers to grow their business. These candidates are looking for a future employer that will recognize these talents.  (Statistics show that about 85% of employed candidates are silently or passively looking).  If you see someone you would like to interview, contact us at 915-261-9521 or e-mail us at jcr.associates@att.net to set up an interview with the candidate

T/C #1 - Account Manager
  • Recognized as “Salesperson of the Year” in 2014 exceeding budget by 240%.
  • Has taken his current territory from $1,300,000 to over $4,400,000 since 2012.
  • Has taken his MAJOR accounts from 10 to 15 in that same time period.

T/C #2 – Plant Manager
  • Responsible for a team of 170 indirect and 800 direct employees at a plant generating over $110,000,000 in revenue.
  • Successfully managed 20% growth introducing new products.
  • Recognized for Re-layout of floor optimizing the space for new equipment achieving 35% business growth.

T/C #3 – Quality Manager
  • Saved the company over $3,000,000 each year in claims.
  • Achieved a reduction of 50% parts per million (PPM).
  • Responsible for presenting company processes and techniques to clients.

T/C #4 – Production Manager
  • Oversaw the production line maintaining 100% of daily target.
  • Reduced aging units by 80%.
  • Increased production quality rate by 4% from 92% to 96% beating the target rate of 95%.

T/C #5 – Human Resource Manager
  • Meet all scorecard metrics for year which resulted in increasing EWS.
  • Reduced hiring time with additional language requirements.
  • Hiring fill rate closed at 99% verse target of 90% which was the highest ever for the company.

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