JCR & Associates is a contingency recruiting firm.  That means that the candidate never pays a fee.  However, that also means that the company is our client, we work with candidates.  Upon registering with JCR & Associates you will be entered into our strictly confidential retrieval system which matches all of our candidates to any opportunity that arises.  We guarantee that when an opportunity arises which matches your qualifications we will first contact you to determine your availability and your desire to look further into the position.  There is never any obligation on your part and we ensure that we will guide you through the entire process.  One of JCR & Associates’ candidate mission statements is based on doing our very best to help you advance you career to the level you desire.

Registering with us is a simple process.  You simply enter you name, e-mail address and resume in the box to the right.  You can also e-mail you resume to jcr.associates@att.net.  If you are a candidate that has been in our retrieval system previously, please remember to always send an updated resume at least twice a year so we can have your most up-to-date information.  Please include your current salary level so we can determine your market comparison with your field, in addition, if you are able to relocate please include the names of the cities for which you would like us to keep you in mind.

One of the benefits of being a JCR & Associates candidate is receiving our monthly newsletter which includes numerous articles, current openings (both in our area and nationwide), and articles on current EEOC events.  Be sure to register today!


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