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JCR & Associates is offering a resume writing service specializing in the creation of resumes that "SIZZLE" for candidates. Too many times our Recruiters have been told by the hiring employer that they are tired of seeing resumes that don't identify how the candidate can help their company. Candidates usually only talk about what they are looking for. We help to change that mentality by presenting resumes that "Sizzle" because they are created by Professionals with experience in various fields over a 22 year career as a Professional Certified Recruiter (CPC).
We have helped hundreds of candidates, over the years, write resumes that make a GREAT first impression and really tell the employer what the candidate can do for their company. One of our unique attributes we offer our clients is the fact that we write resumes based on 22 years of experience dealing with hiring authorities and what they desire to see in a resume from potential candidates. This also allows us to use that experience to choose words and specialized terms to allow your resume to filter through software programs some employers use

In our current economy employers are receiving hundreds of resumes for every position they advertise. Even if you are the best candidate for the position you need to make your resume "Stand Out" or Sizzle. If you don't succeed in doing so then yours may be the one that ends up in the employers "Twilight Zone" stack, never to be seen again. JCR & Associates resume writers will help you prevent that from happening with an individually customized tailor made resume that really highlights your accomplishments and achievements in your current or previous employment history for your next employer.

Cost - $75.00 
Our process is simple, affordable, speedy and effective.  You simply follow these following steps.

Step 1Place your secured order below. 

Step 2Within 24 hours you will be contacted by phone, by one of our Recruiters to set up your
                  in-depth phone interview.

Step 3On your scheduled day and time our Recruiter will conduct a phone interview that will
                  last at least one hour.  The interviewer will request additional detailed information for
                  your resume.  Key buzzwords for your industry as well as specific accomplishments will
                  be discussed.  Please be prepared to open up and talk about yourself.  BRAG, BRAG,

Step 4Within 3 business days you will receive the first draft of your resume, via email, for you
                 to edit to your satisfaction and discuss with your Recruiter.

Step 5Within one or two business days of your resume being edited, you will receive your final
                  copy in Microsoft Word.

Step 6You will have 45 days to submit revisions and re-writes of the final resume you receive.

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