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JCR & Associates core business is Contingency Recruiting whose focus is specializing in the Manufacturing industry.   Specializing in Manufacturing allows us to offer delivery of repeatable and efficient results on the most important asset you have in your company – YOUR PROFESSIONAL TEAM YOUR goals become OUR goals!  We work together on those assignments that will bring your company to the “Next Level”.  

With the return of manufacturing to the United States from overseas and Mexico companies are finding it harder and harder to find QUALIFIED candidates.  There are tens of thousands of candidates that do not fit what you are looking for so we have been able to help those organizations whether they have 5 or 100,000 employers with those searches.  Additionally we are also able to keep those less qualified candidates away from you doorsteps.

Our team of professionals understands the manufacturing steps from start to finish we have found companies in numerous industries the “Right” person that they were looking for.  We also understand that since many companies are turning to “Six Sigma” and “Lean” manufacturing for their continuous improvement processes it is doubly important to find these people NOW before they are grabbed up by the competition.

Our direct contact with the manufacturing professionals we represent allows us to maintain a database of candidates that currently are 83% employed.  This means they are not directly searching for new opportunity however they would be willing to look at a new prospect if it allowed them something they don’t currently have.

We specialize in Plant Managers, Production Managers and Quality Managers due to, after extensive, research of over 5,000 companies and professionals in those organizations, these are the top level talent they are having the most challenge finding.

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